Boiling water taps

Quooker is the leading brand of boiling water taps on the market.

For high end design and style, Quooker offers a fantastic range of boiling taps to suit your kitchen design.

Main Benefits

Quooker was the first company to introduce boiling taps in the 1970’s. All the Quooker range of taps deliver 100°C boiling water.
Truly 100°C Boiling
water straight from the tap
This is achieved by storing the water at above 100°C, but as it is under high pressure the water isn’t “boiling” inside the storage vessel.
Once the safety collar is released the water boils as it comes out into normal atmospheric pressure.

Most popular models available

Quooker Fusion

The Fusion is available in square and round spout shapes and a range of colours. It is a 3 in 1 tap giving hot, cold and boiling water all from the same tap. It can be turned into a 4 in 1 tap with an optional cold water drinking water system.

Quooker Flex

The Quooker flex is the flagship model in the range. It combines all the features of the Fusion tap above, but has the added feature of a flexible pull out hose.

Sparkling water with the cube

Yes you read it correctly, sparkling water on tap. The Quooker Cube is the latest innovation from Quooker, compatible with all their taps, it delivers chilled filtered and sparkling water.

Great value

Some high end ordinary kitchen taps can cost up to £300. The range of Quooker 4 in 1 taps start from only £xxx plus installation. Considering all the added features we think this is a great price for a high quality boiling tap.

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