Boiling water taps

We highly recommend Qettle taps to anyone considering a boiling tap solution, here’s why we love them…

Main Benefits

The Qettle original and signature models are a 4 in 1 tap. This delivers 100°C boiling water, cold filtered drinking water and normal hot and cold water from one tap! As a fully integrated tap, it’s a great choice for keeping clutter around the sink to a minimum.
Truly 100°C Boiling
water straight from the tap
Lots of hot taps on the market are not truly boiling water. In the past lots of our customers have been put off a boiling tap, assuming it wouldn’t be as hot as the a normal kettle. But all the Qettle tap models deliver truly boiling water for a great cuppa.

Other benefits include:

Filtered water on tap

The Original and signature models include a drinking water filter system, giving you great tasting filtered water straight from the tap. The Qettle filter is a carbon based filter, removing chlorine taste from your water, and includes scale reducing media.

Designed and manufactured in the UK

The Qettle tap’s multi-patented design is a British innovation and made in the UK.

Great value

Some high end ordinary kitchen taps can cost up to £300. The range of Qettle 4 in 1 taps start from only £505 plus installation. Considering all the added features we think this is a great price for a high quality boiling tap.


Qettle taps have a two stage safety mechanism. To dispense boiling water there is a button that must be pressed before the boiling tap handle can be turned. In action to this, for Families with young children, a safety cap (included on purchase) can be used as an extra level of protection.

At Shires water we also consider boing taps to be safer than a kettle. This is because a normal kettle, if tipped over when full, presents a far greater chance of severe scolding than a small stream of boiling water from a tap.

Is a Qettle tap compatible
with a water softener?

Yes the Qettle can be configured to work very well with a water softener. The system can either have soft or hard water feeding the boiling tank. Most of our customers choose to have non softened water entering the drinking filter/ boiling water section and have soft water for the normal hot and cold water flow.

Qettle sell a alternative filter for very hard water area if you choose to have non softened water for the boiling tank/ filtered water. Please get in touch for more information.

Have you got a question? We’d love to help you out.

At Shires Water we want to guide people when considering a water softer. Please pop your question in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.