ClearFlow Filters

ClearFlow water filters turn your tap water into great tasting filtered water. The UK has clean and wholesome tap water, but the taste isn’t always what people like. Chlorine taste and the possibility of small bits entering the water from supply pipes, mean more and more people are choosing a drinking water filter.

Main Benefits

No more impurities
With a ClearFlow cartridge water filter installed under your sink you will remove all the taste impurities found in unfiltered water.
No Chlorine Taste
ClearFlow water filters use a granular activated carbon media to absorb choline taste and other organic contaminants in your tap water.

Other benefits include:

Easy Change design

ClearFlow filters use a unique self shut off filter head. This means with a simple twist the filter cartridge can be changed with no hassle and no need to turn the water off.

Replacement cartridges

The filter cartridge in the ClearFlow system should be changed at least annually. But for the very best tasting water, especially for a family using more water, we recommend they are replaced every 6 months. The reason is the carbon inside acts like a sponge absorbing contaminants, once this is full the filter will stop effective filtration.

Ditch single use plastics

With an undersink drinking water system you can avoid buying bottled water. Saving plastic use and saving money in the process.

Reduce effects of Limescale

A ClearFLow filter has extra media to help reduce the effects of limescale in your kettle. The filter does not soften the water but does help with limescale adhesion on the kettle. 

Taps to deliver the water

You can either decide to install an integrated filter tap that replaces your kitchen tap or a popular option is have a small drinking water additional tap installed.  

Any questions regarding drinking water filters please get in touch.

At Shires Water we run a filter replacement service, we will post the filters automatically when the replacement is due so you don’t have to worry about remembering when a cartridge change is needed.

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