Doulton Ceramic Water Filters

At Shires Water we install a range of Doulton Ceramic water filters made in the UK. Doulton filters use a ceramic outer shell that filters down to less than 1 micron, and have a carbon block inside to improve the taste of the water

Main Benefits

Made from natural materials, our ceramic filters provide up to 99.99% filtration of bacteria, sediment, chlorine, limescale, heavy metals (including lead) and microplastics.
We proudly export water filters to over 140 countries, saving thousands of lives every year from our home in Staffordshire at the heart of Britain’s pottery industry.

Other benefits include:

Handmade since 1826

Almost 200 years of continuous technical improvements to the water filter we launched in 1826, make Doulton filters the ones to rely on.

Good for health

Drink clear, mineral-rich water to support optimum health at all ages. We retain the healthy minerals that naturally occur within your water supply.

No Electricity

Your Doulton water filter systems will work without power and cost nothing in electricity to run.

No wastewater

All the water we filter is drinkable – it is safe to drink and it tastes great! We won’t waste a drop.

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