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Say goodbye to limescale with a water softener for you home, the complete solution to hard water problems

Water Softener installation

We supply and fit a range of high quality water softeners, some with up to 10 years warranty. From compact twin tank machines up to large units for big families or a business. Let us guide you to choose the best softener.

Boiling taps

We offer supply and installation of 100°C boiling taps. Great for an instant cuppa, these systems can be combined with a water softener and drinking water filters. Some even provide sparkling and chilled water

Drinking water filters

Installation of a range of systems to provide filtered drinking water straight from the tap. Offering a more convenient alternative to jug filters, these systems improve the taste of your water. They also can save money and waste plastic if used as an alternative to bottled water.

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Graham Carroll


Graham has been a plumbing and heating engineer for over 15 years. Graham carries out water softener installations and manages the office.

Dave Foster

Dave Foster

Sales Representative

Dave has many years of experience working in the water softener industry. Dave carries out home demonstrations and helps specify the right water softener


Steve Gray


Steve has fitted hundreds of water softeners and helps Shires Water with installations.

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How to get the right
softener for you?

Read our quick guide on how to choose the best type of water softener for your home.

Water softener
price guide

Use our handy tool to help us give you a guide price for a water softener installation

Your questions answered

The short answer is yes, the long answer is you may choose not to. A water softener doesn’t make the water harmful to drink, only adding a minute amount of sodium in most cases. But it does remove minerals from the water that are beneficial to health such as calcium. To get a balanced view we have written an article here (can this link through?) to help you decide.

In the majority of cases, a water softener is installed close to the main incoming water tap and, as a result, all the water in the house will become soft. This means all of the bathrooms and every tap and sink will stay limescale free. However most water softener companies, Shires Water included, will give the option to leave the garden tap untreated. You may also decide to have a separate drinking tap not softened. For more information please read this article (link to Does a water softener soft all the water in the house)

Yes on the whole water softeners are very reliable appliances. In our opinion, compared to washing machines, dishwashers or boilers, we see very few problems with water softeners. We quite regularly get called out to repair a water softener that could be 15 or 20 years old and has never had a fault at all. In this day and age that is quite a good life span. 

Obviously you get what you pay for with everything, so going for a well established brand is important. You will then get a quality product with a good warranty and more importantly spare and support will be available long into the future.

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